Linux to Windows server migration

Linux to Windows server migration

For migrating the server from Linux to Windows refer the steps

Please take a backup of the Linux installation and restore it on the Windows Server.

If you are using MSSQL, install the same version of the application on the Windows and update the SQL configurations by invoking changeDBserver.bat from the \ManageEngine\ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\Bin directory.
  1. Install SDP MSP in windows server.
  2. Start and Shut down the application once.
Note: Backup from taken from a particular build can be restored only on the same build. Example: Backup from 10600 build can only be restored on 10600 build. 

You can know the application build number from About us page in the top right (click ? icon in the top right) from the user interface.

Downloading corresponding Build: 

Backup and Restore

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