Linux - Startup issue

Linux - Startup issue

System Halted error message during startup (Fresh installation) 

Error Trace :
[16:36:59:243]|[04-15-2021]|[com.adventnet.db.adapter.postgres.DefaultPostgresDBInitializer]|[INFO]|[1]: ErrorStream ::: /opt/MSP/ServiceDeskPlus-MSP/pgsql/bin/psql: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory|

Reason : libtinfo is an internal library that postgres depends on to process command line/terminal operations

Solution : Kindly execute the below command

sudo yum install ncurses-compat-libs 

The command might change depending on each environment. Kindly contact your sysadmin to fix/reinstall the library libtinfo.

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