Issue with HighPerformance Reporting engine v3.5.1 during the initial startup

Issue with HighPerformance Reporting engine v3.5.1 during the initial startup

Please download and extract the patch from the below link:


1. Stop the NetFlow Analyzer service.
2. Open command prompt as administrator
3. Execute ingstop -service first and the ingstop -kill
4. Kill all the Actian related process from the Task Manager
5. Execute Patch.exe from under 20150611175728-actian-vector-3.5.1-448-win-x86_64-p44838\patch44838
6. Select the Instance name once prompted and click next and complete the process.
7. Once Completed, open command prompt as administrator and execute ingstart -service

8. Start the NetFlow Analyzer service.
9. Navigate to Admin -> Advanced Settings -> High Performance Reporting Engine -> Do Test and Save and check on the issue.
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