Zoho Cliq Integration

Zoho Cliq Integration

In Zoho CRM for example, if a task is assigned it notifies in Zoho Cliq, in the same way for SDP, if a request is assigned, it should ping in a particular channel with the ID.

Use Case:  
There might be individual chat groups for each department within a company for easier co-ordination and working.  Whenever a ticket is raised in ServiceDesk Plus for their group, then an alert message in their chat group will be easier for the technicians to work.

Generating an Auth token
To use the 'Messaging API' we will need Cliq's authentication token from Zoho Accounts. 
Follow the instructions in the below URL to generate an auth token:  https://www.zoho.com/cliq/help/restapi/v2/#oauth_generation

We can send message to a channel by using the Channel Unique Name 
To get the channel's unique name:
1.  Hover over any channel name from Cliq's left pane. 
2.  This'll open the channel's preview. Select the 'More info' icon in the channel preview.
3.  Navigate to 'Connectors'
4.  You'll find the Channel Unique Name highlighted in the API Endpoint URL of the channel. 

Steps to configure:
1.  Download the attached scripts.  Copy the contents into Request custom functions.

2.  Goto Admin > Request Custom Function > Custom Function > New > Paste the cliq_integration.txt content

3.  Configure the created custom function in a trigger to get executed every time a request is closed.

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