Integration with other helpdesk tools

Integration with other helpdesk tools

Please note that, we do not have direct integration of SDP MSP with other HelpDesk tools like ServiceNow. However if any HelpDesk has APIs for all Create, Update, Close operations, then you can make use of the our APIs and custom triggers to achieve the requirement. 
They can make use of Custom Triggers in MSP/SDP to invoke the API's for ticket create, update etc. Similarly, they need to make use of the other HelpDesk tools API's.

The API's which we support are listed in the link below,

You can refer the Video link on how to create/update tickets using REST API in the link below,

Document about custom triggers,

Use cases for custom triggers,

Refer below link for Sample custom script for integration between SDP and SDP MSP,

For clarifications, please drop an email to

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