Instruction to Change Worklog owner under All Request, worklog owner From Tech A to Tech B

Instruction to Change Worklog owner under All Request, worklog owner From Tech A to Tech B

    Worklogs assigned to Duplicate user / Incorrect user need to change all worklogs under request  to actual Technician. 

Step 1 :
Navigate to Report - > New Query Report and execute the below query. 

Select workorder.workorderid "workorderid",  chargestable.chargeid "chargeid", aaauser.first_name "name" from workorder
Left join workordertocharge on workorder.workorderid=workordertocharge.workorderid
Left join chargestable on workordertocharge.chargeid=chargestable.chargeid
Left join aaauser on aaauser.user_id=chargestable.technicianid
where aaauser.first_name ='update duplicate worklog owner name'

Above query will list all worklog which is assigned to duplicate user. 
Save the Report as Incorrect worklog Owner

Step 2 : 

Download the attached python script  and place it under ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\integration\custom_scripts

Edit the python script and update the highlighted fields. 
* Application URL
* API key of Admin User (Technician with SDAdmin Role)
* Actual Technician name which needs to be replaced in place of duplicate worklog owner

Step 3

 Navigate to Admin - > Custom schedules and create a new schedule as shown below. 

Executor - Will the python script which will update the worklog owner
Arguments - The Report which gets lists of worklog which are assigned to incorrect Technician
Schedule - Choose a time frame for schedule to execute and change the worklog owner.

Note: We strongly recommend you to take a backup before trying above steps. 
           You may test the configuration on Test setup before trying on Production Setup. 

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