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What to do if the IIS Site status shows "Failed"?


Open the server out log file and search for the exception following the line "New Import File Arrived".
a. Exception: "File not found"
Probable cause(s) and troubleshooting step(s):
  1. Log file was not created for the particular day.
    1. Verify that the file eg: [C:/inetpub/logs/logfiles/SITE_NAME/u_exyymmdd.log] as printed in logs is present under the said directory.
  2. If the file name in IIS logs differs from the file name printed in serverout (excluding date).
    1. Please reach the SPOC for further analysis.
  3. Wrong date printed in serverout.
    1. If an older date is present in serverout, then click "Edit" option on that particular site which shows status as "Failed" and click "Update".
  4. Credential does not have access.
    1. Verify that the credential has read access.

 b. Exception: "Status Code 0x1: Failed" 

Probable cause(s) & troubleshooting step(s):
  1. Invalid credential/credential may not have access to the specific PC.
    1. Try to import the log file in the import tab using the same credential to ensure access.

C. Exception: "Unknown Host"

Probable cause(s) & troubleshooting step(s):
  1. IP not resolved/SMB issue.
    1. Check if SMB is enabled and port 445 is open.
    2. Query 'hosts' table and check if IP and dnsfullname is the same as IP when that hostname is pinged from ELA server.

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