IIS Server monitor does not list Application Pools (Applicable only for AppManager versions till 15110)

IIS Server monitor does not list Application Pools (Applicable only for AppManager versions till 15110)

Note: The solution mentioned in this article is applicable only for Applications Manager versions till 15110.
Follow the steps given below to resolve the issue:

1. Execute the iisAppPoolList.vbs script with the host information of the problematic monitor. Via command prompt, go to <Applications Manager Home>\working\conf\application\script directory and execute the below command:

cscript iisAppPoolList.vbs <hostname> <username> <password>

Example: cscript iisAppPoolList.vbs iishost adminuser pwd123

2. If the results show "Invalid namespace", do the below steps:

There are some mandatory features that need to be enabled in the IIS which will in turn make our Application Pool monitoring work. Execute the following command in a PowerShell command prompt window on the IIS server machine to verify whether the namespace 'WebAdministration' is registered, as below:
gwmi -namespace "root" -class "__Namespace" | Select Name

3. Perform the steps given below to enable the features of Windows from the Control Panel. This will perform the namespace registration. Below features should be enabled in the Internet Information Services -> Web Management Tools or Management Tools :

IIS 6 Management Console
IIS 6 Management Scripts and Tools
IIS Management Service
IIS 6 Management Compatibility

4. For Server 2012 R2 , Open 'Server Manager' -> click  'Manage' near the top right corner -> click 'Add Roles and Features' -> Under 'Installation Type', select 'Role-based or Feature-based installation'-> Select the localserver in Server selection -> In 'Server Roles' -> Open 'Web Server(IIS)(Installed)' -> Open/Click 'Management Tools(Installed) -> select the components as shown in attached :

IIS Management Console
IIS 6 Management Compatibility
IIS Management Scripts and Tools
Management Service (If prompted to add ASP.NET 4.5 -> Click 'Add Features')

Click 'Next' -> Click 'Next' again ->(You can review the selected features) Click 'Install' and wait for the installation to complete. 

5. Refer this link for Windows 2003 server: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms943006(v=cs.70).aspx

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