I am not able to add Oracle monitor, it says "Permission denied".

I am not able to add Oracle monitor, it says "Permission denied".

Reason: The required privileges are missing.

Solution: For creating new Oracle database monitor, you should have:
1. Admin privileges.
2. Minimum User privileges ->user with CONNECT and SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE roles.
Some might try changing the SYS as SYSDBA for adding Oracle monitor. It is not possible to change the SYS as SYSDBA because Applications Manager uses JDBC for connecting with Oracle.
In JDBC mode, changing of user into another user privilege is not possible. 

Prerequisites for monitoring Oracle Pluggable Database (PDB) metrics:
  1. SYS or SYSTEM or Common user with CONNECT and SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE roles is required to monitor Oracle PDBs.
  2. If Common user is chosen for monitoring, then the below privilege has to be provided by connecting to the CDB container with SYS user:
    alter user set container_data=all container = current;
    For example:
    alter user C##APM set container_data=all container = current;
    The C##APM user has now been given the SELECT role privilege to access all the objects.

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