I'm getting the "Failed. Please select the correct version of WebLogic server" error message when adding a WebLogic monitor. What could be the reason?

I'm getting the "Failed. Please select the correct version of WebLogic server" error message when adding a WebLogic monitor. What could be the reason?

This could be because of corrupt or mismatching jar files. Some WebLogic servers require full client jars for monitoring.

For Applications Manager versions below 13800

      Download  the version10 jars  and  replace it under <Applications Manager HOME>/working/classes/weblogic/version10 folder.

For Applications Manager versions 13800 and above

      1. For WebLogic version 12.x & above -  Please download the version12 jars  and  replace it under <Applications Manager HOME>/working/classes/weblogic/version12 folder.

      2. For WebLogic version 10.x/11g -  Please download the version10 jars and replace it under <Applications Manager HOME>/working/classes/weblogic/version10 folder.

      ( <Applications Manager HOME> - Applications Manager Installation location )

Note : Restart Applications Manager and then try adding the monitor again. 

If the issue still exists, reach out to our support with the screenshot of the error obtained to appmanager-support@manageengine.com along with the latest Support Information File (SIF) from Applications Manager with print all logs enabled for analysis.
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