I get "PostgreSQL initialize Failed" error in AppManagerHome\pgsqlerr.txt file during startup. How can I fix this ?

I get "PostgreSQL initialize Failed" error in AppManagerHome\pgsqlerr.txt file during startup. How can I fix this ?


FATAL: could not create semaphores: No space left on device 
DETAIL: Failed system call was semget(5440126, 17, 03600). 

Reason: The reason could either be that there was no disk space or there were too many PostgreSQL connections open. 

Solution:Try stopping any other PostgreSQL in the machine (if it is running) and then check if it still fails. 

If you find any other errors that file, refer below link for possible causes under 'Server Start-up Failures'.

If you are still unable to start Applications Manager using bundled PostgreSQL then send us the support information file.
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