How to use my own PostgreSQL instead of the PostgreSQL bundled with Applications Manager ?

How to use my own PostgreSQL instead of the PostgreSQL bundled with Applications Manager ?

Applications Manager comes bundled with PostgreSQL 9.2.4. If you want to use your own PostgreSQL instead, follow the steps mentioned below :

  1. A compatible PostgreSQL database (version 9.2.4 or 9.2.x) should be accessible from Applications Manager installation.
  2. A PostgreSQL User with privileges to Login, Create Database, full control over tables in that database.
  3. Backup Applications Manager's backend database (AMDB) and restore it to the new PostgreSQL database if migration is required.
  1. Shut down Applications Manager.
  2. Edit AppManager\conf\ file using a text editor (like wordpad or vi or sublime) and make the following changes :
    • Change line 


    • Change 
      am.db.port=<port of your PostgreSQL>      (ex:  am.db.port=5432)

  3. Edit AppManager\working\conf\database_params.conf file using a text editor and make the following changes :
    • Specify the host and port of your own PostgreSQL. Change line 
      url jdbc:postgresql://localhost:15432/amdb?dontTrackOpenResources=true&useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=UTF-8 AppModules TopoDB-MapDB-EventDB-AlertDB-PollDB-PolicyDB-USERSTORAGEDB-ApplnDB
      url jdbc:postgresql://<PostgreSQL Host>:<PostgreSQL Port>/amdb?dontTrackOpenResources=true&useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=UTF-8 AppModules TopoDB-MapDB-EventDB-AlertDB-PollDB-PolicyDB-USERSTORAGEDB-ApplnDB
      (ex: jdbc:postgresql://

    • Specify the username of your own PostgreSQL. Change line 
      username postgres AppModules TopoDB-MapDB-EventDB-AlertDB-PollDB-PolicyDB-USERSTORAGEDB-ApplnDB
      username <PostgreSQL Hostname/Ip> AppModules TopoDB-MapDB-EventDB-AlertDB-PollDB-PolicyDB-USERSTORAGEDB-ApplnDB
      (ex: username apm AppModules TopoDB-MapDB-EventDB-AlertDB-PollDB-PolicyDB-USERSTORAGEDB-ApplnDB)

    • Specify the password of your own PostgreSQL. Change line 
      encryptedpassword eK6q1CJ9697s7O AppModules TopoDB-MapDB-EventDB-AlertDB-PollDB-PolicyDB-USERSTORAGEDB-ApplnDB
      password <PostgreSQL password> AppModules TopoDB-MapDB-EventDB-AlertDB-PollDB-PolicyDB-USERSTORAGEDB-ApplnDB
      (ex: password appmanager AppModules TopoDB-MapDB-EventDB-AlertDB-PollDB-PolicyDB-USERSTORAGEDB-ApplnDB)

  4. Take a backup of AppManager\working\bin\startPGSQL.bat/.sh file and AppManager\working\bin\stopPGSQL.bat/.sh file and then extract patch from following link : under <AppManager_Home> directory.
  5. Delete files under AppManager\logs directory.
  6. Start Applications Manager.
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