How to use MIB Browser?

How to use MIB Browser?

The MIB Browser utility is a handy tool to troubleshoot SNMP issues. 
You can query an SNMP variable on a device to check for its response.
Using this utility, you will be able to:
  • assess the availability of SNMP on the device
  • query a variable for response
  • make sure whether a variable is implemented or not on a device
Here is how you can use the MIB Browser to troubleshoot/query a variable:

1. Invoke the MIB Browser.bat file from OpManager/bin' directory. 

2. Click the LOAD icon and browse to load the required MIB. 
3. In the MIB Browser UI, provide the name of the device which you want to query in the host name field and the SNMP Community.
In case of SNMPv3,click on Edit > Settings >Choose v3 >Add >Provide the SNMPv3 details.
4. Expand the MIB on the left tree and select the required variable which you want to query. You can find the syntax and the description of the selected OID.

5. Click the GETSNMP Variable icon. You will see the query response in the text area.

In the above screenshot, you see the response to the CPU variable from HOST-RESOURCES-MIB on a Windows device. Load the relevant vendor MIBs similarly and expand the required table, select the OID and query the device.

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