How to upgrade Real User Monitoring Agent?

How to upgrade Real User Monitoring Agent?

Currently, we don't have an update manager for the RUM Agent. Therefore, you need to uninstall the old agent and install the new RUM Agent.

Steps to upgrade RUM Agent
  1. Take a backup of <RUMAgent_Home>/conf/ folder and place it outside of the RUM_Agent home folder.
  2. Uninstall the Old RUM Agent.
  3. Install the new RUM Agent.
  4. Do not start the agent yet.
  5. Make the following changes in the new agent CONF files using the files in backup folder as reference:
    1. In file, update the "webserver.port" key with the RUM Agent's HTTP port.
    2. In file, update the "rumagent" key with the RUM Agent's HTTPS port.
  6. If Geolocation API was configured earlier,
    1. Replace the GeolocationAPIResources.xml file in the new agent with the backup file.
    2. In file, update the value of "geo.api.type" key as in the backup file.
  7.  If HTTPS connection was enabled earlier,
    1. Replace the sslcerts folder in the new agent with the backup file.
    2. In file, update the value of "apm.rum.isHttps" key as in the backup file.
    3. Open the file located under <RUMAgent_Home>/conf/sslcerts/ folder. 
    4. Remove the encryptedkeypass key (if present).
    5. Update your keystore password in keypass key and save the changes.
  8. Start the RUM Agent.
  9. To verify if the RUM Agent has been upgraded successfully, access the RUM Agent web console (http://agenthost:agentport/)
    1. RUM Agent version and Applications Manager connectivity status can be seen in the RUM Agent UI (Supported only from RUM Agent version 3.5)

RUM Agent will be mapped to AppManager with the details provided in the installation shield.

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