How to update ServiceDesk Plus to the latest version

How to update ServiceDesk Plus to the latest version

1: Stop the ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus service from the Services console(services.msc).

2: Backup the existing build (recommended).
Launch the command prompt, go to [your drive]:\ManageEngine\ServiceDesk\bin directory, and run the backUpData.bat. This will start the backup.
cmd>[your drive]:\ManageEngine\ServiceDesk\bin

The backup helps revert to the existing build without any data loss if the upgrade were to fail due to any reason. The backup is stored in the Backup folder in the ServiceDesk Plus Home directory.

3: Download the latest patch from the following link

Click here for instructions to build a test environment

4: Go to [your drive]:\ManageEngine\ServiceDesk\bin and execute the file UpdateManager.bat. Navigate to the location of the hotfix and click install to start the installation process.
cmd> UpdateManager.bat [  Screenshot ]

5: A dialogue box recommending that you take a backup appears. If you have already taken a backup, skip this step. However, for a version-to-version upgrade, this is a mandatory step.

Note: For multiple upgrades, please start and stop the application once after successfully applying a service pack. Then, back up the upgraded version and proceed with the next service pack.

6: You can now start the ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus service from the Services console(services.msc).