How to troubleshoot java agent installation or configuration?

How to troubleshoot java agent installation or configuration?

Troubleshooting operation will perform the below mentioned checks:

  • Checks whether agent directory has read/write operations

  • Checks whether apminsight.conf has license key mentioned

  • Checks whether agent state, unmanaged, deleted or managed

  • Checks network connectivity between application server and Appmanager server

Navigate to agent installed directory and execute the below command

java -jar apminsight-javaagent.jar troubleshoot -c
If Create Diagnostics option is chosen, it zips the conf files, info file & all the logs in the agent directory, which can then be sent to for further debugging.

List of troubleshooting options available:



Runs basic troubleshooting for java agent
java -jar apminsight-javaagent.jar troubleshoot

Prints the troubleshoot options and its description
java -jar apminsight-javaagent.jar troubleshoot -h

Runs troubleshooting and creates a diagnostic zip file containing agent conf files and its logs
java -jar apminsight-javaagent.jar troubleshoot -c

Note: These steps are application server independent

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