How to take thread and heap dump and send it to the ADManager Plus support team

How to take thread and heap dump and send it to the ADManager Plus support team

This article will explain how you can create thread and heap dumps and send them to the ADManager Plus support team.

Creating thread and heap dumps
  1. Navigate to Support > Upload logs > More
  2. Click Create thread dump and Create heap dump.
  3. Create at least 3 dumps of the heap and thread and make sure they are taken at an interval of 5 minutes. 
Please use the GIF below as a reference for the same.

Uploading dumps to the ADManager Plus support team

Please zip the dump files found in the found in the <installation folder>\dumps folder and upload it following the below steps.
Note: If there are any hs_err files created recently inside the bin folder, please compress them and upload them in the same link for analysis. 

  1. Navigate to in your web browser.
  2. In the Product field, select ADManager Plus.
  3. In the Ticket IT field, enter the ticket number.
  4. In the Your Email address field, enter your email address.
  5. Click the Add Files button and select the compressed zip file.
  6. Select the Debugging check box.
  7. Click Upload. 

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