How to take console log ?

How to take console log ?

This article is common for Servicedesk plus MSP and Supportcenter plus applications.

To troubleshoot certain UI issues , JS errors , we need console log (output) from the browser.

Steps to follow :

1. Login to the application.
2. Right click on the page and hit Inspect element.
3. Click Console as shown below.

4. Access the product user interface and recreate the issue.
5. You might see some errors like below
ex - 

Send the complete snapshot of the error trace.
6. Along with it , send the browser used and its version details

Along with it send below details :
  1. zip the logs folder present under Product installation folder (ServicedeskplusMSP or Supportcenterplus) based on the application use.
  2. If the file size is huge , you can upload it to
  3. choose appropriate product name and if you have existing ticket ID , share it in the comment section for reference.
  4. Provide the exact time of issue recreation.
  5. Build number of the application. You can know it from the About us in the top right of the application.
  6. Database type used (PGSQL - Default or SQL DB)

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