How to stop Mail fetching before starting the application services ?

How to stop Mail fetching before starting the application services ?

Use case: When you restore the data in your test environment or trying to migrate to a new server, once the restore is done, the application if started will have emails being fetched in the new server/Test server which you would not wish to. Hence this will help you to stop mail fetching and mail sending in the application before starting the application. So that you can start the product and do your testing or check the data without any confusion.

1. Connect to the database:


Navigate to the bin folder [ServiceDesk Plus – MSP Home] \ bin in the command prompt and execute the startDB.bat 65432

Now navigate go to [ServiceDesk Plus – MSP Home] \ pgsql \ bin and execute psql.exe -U postgres -p 65432 -d servicedesk

Now you should be connected to the database.


For MSSQL, connect to the SQL studio.

2. Execute the below queries one after the other:

update outgoingmailserver set HOSTNAME =’ALPHA’;

update outgoingmailserver set ALTERNATEHOSTNAME=’BETA’;

update incomingmailserver set HOSTNAME =’XYZ’;


3. Now start the application services and check.

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