How to setup Python on the Server

How to setup Python on the Server

This article explains how to set up the ServiceDesk plus server to run python scripts.

1. The first step is to install python on the application server and you can download it from here. Any version above 3.4.1 should work fine. Start the setup and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

A quick suggestion here would be to choose an easily accessible installation path when the option is presented during the setup process.

2. The next step is to make sure that the python installation location is added to the Environmental variable called 'Path' on the server.

Let us say, Python is installed in C:\Python34 on the server. Then make sure the following locations are added to the Path variable.

C:\Python34 and C:\Python34\Scripts

Once this is done, you should be able to access the Python Interpreter by typing 'Python' or 'Py' from Run or from a Command prompt.

3. Many of the scripts make API calls to perform various actions and a python library called 'requests' is used to handle this. This is not bundled with the default python package and has to installed separately. More information about this library and the installation instructions can be found here.

Refer to the below video for a short guide to install and set up a python on a windows server.

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