How to schedule custom reports in ADManager Plus

How to schedule custom reports in ADManager Plus

ADManager Plus' built-in reports library includes over 200 reports that allow you to fetch crucial information about Active Directory, Microsoft 365, Exchange Server, Google Workspace, and more. It also offers a custom report builder,allowing you to create your own personalized reports based on your specific needs. 

Like built-in reports, custom reports can also be automatically generated and delivered to all the stakeholders via email in the desired formatThe exclusive custom reports scheduler allows automated generation of your personalized reports.

Steps to schedule custom reports

  1. Click the Reports tab.

  2. Select Custom Reports from the list of available report categories.

  3. Click Schedule Reports located at the top-right corner of the Custom Reports page.

  4. In the Schedule Reports page, click + Create Schedule.


  1. Enter an appropriate Schedule Name and Description for this schedule.

  2. Click + located in the Select Report field.

  3. In the Select Report window that opens up:

    • Select Custom Reports in Select Category.

    • Select the desired category and the report that you wish to auto-generate.

    • Click OK.

  1. Choose the desired Schedule Duration.

  2. Pick the format in which you'd like to get the report. Click Storage Options and enter the desired Storage Path to store the report in a specific location.

  3. Enter the email addresses of the users to whom this report must be emailed as soon as it is generated in the Email To field.

  4. Click Save.


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