How to rename an existing APM - Java agent application's monitor?

How to rename an existing APM - Java agent application's monitor?

In Applications Manager's APM(Application Performance Monitoring) doesn't support renaming applications/monitors from the web client. However, the application name of an existing application instance can be renamed in the `apminsight.conf` file and the agent associated with that instance will start collecting and sending data to the newly-created monitor.

Please follow the steps below to successfully rename the application name for an existing APM Insight instance:
  1. Go to the directory where you have the APM Insight agent jar and its configuration files.
  2. Delete the `` file if it exists in the same directory as the agent jar.
  3. Rename the value provided against the `` property in the `apminsight.conf` file.
  4. Restart the application server.
Note: When an application instance is renamed, a new monitor with a new name is created. Changing the name of one application instance does not affect the application names of the other application instances or the corresponding monitor names displayed on the Application Manager's web client. To rename all the instances of an application, repeat the above steps for all existing instances of that application.

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