How to remove unused AuthTokens?

How to remove unused AuthTokens?

There might be some rare situations where you have to remove unused AuthTokens from your Analytics Plus account. Please follow the steps below:

1. Launch Analytics Plus in a web-browser. The web address used to access the application is of the following format.

https://<hostname>:<port number> (example: https://analytics-server:8443)

2. Login to the application using your email address and password. 

3. Please append /iam/u/h#sessions/userauthtoken to the end of this web address. If your server hostname is analytics-server and port number is 8443, the URL should be:


4. You will see a list of AuthTokens. Select AuthTokens that have a Last Accessed Time older than 30 days and delete them using the Remove Selected option.

Note: Please do not remove AuthTokens that have been used in the last 30 days unless you are sure it is not being used for other important purposes. 

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