How to remove a Scheduled Report Created By Another Technician

How to remove a Scheduled Report Created By Another Technician

Please note that you would not be able to edit the scheduled reports (private) created by other technicians.

However, you can delete the unwanted scheduled reports you don't have access to, by connecting to the database.

1. In order to find the list of scheduled reports created by all technicians, execute the below query in Reports->New query report.

select rst.reportid,crd.report_name,crd.is_public,rst.schedulename,rst.mailid,rst.subject,rst.message,rst.ownerid,aaau.first_name "Report owner",rst.report_type from customreport_details crd LEFT JOIN reportscheduletask rst ON crd.reportid=rst.reportid LEFT JOIN sduser sdu ON rst.ownerid=sdu.userid LEFT JOIN aaauser aaau ON sdu.userid=aaau.user_id where rst.reportid!=0 AND crd.report_name like '%test%'

Replace the Exact name of the report in the Highlighted text. Now note down the report ID from the above query.

2. Connect to the database and execute the below query, if you are using MSSQL, please connect to the SQL studio,

delete from reportscheduletask where reportid=1234;

Replace the ID obtained in the first query, in the highlighted text.

Restart of the application not required.
NOTE: Please ensure to take a trimmed backup before implementing this.

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