How to rebrand, customize Labels in ServiceDesk Plus application?

How to rebrand, customize Labels in ServiceDesk Plus application?

1. How to rebrand the browser:

We have to change the name in the rebrandinfo.xml file which can be found under the below location.


Refer the below screenshots which explains how rebranding takes effect.



We have to restart the service desk plus service after making changes.

2. To change the label names in SD+ ,you need to change the label name in under


For example,

You want to change the Login error message:

sdp.login.error=Username or Password is incorrect

change this to

sdp.login.error=Give the correct Username or Password

Another Example :

sdp.requests.common.requestid=Request ID

changed to

sdp.requests.common.requestid=Workorder ID

Restart ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus service. 

Note: This file is bound to changes everytime a servicepack or hotfix is released. Hence, when you apply the hotfix or servicepack, you must redo the changes. Dont ever think of taking a backup of the modified file and replacing it after applying the hotfix or servicepack, then, you may lose most of the labels. 

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