How to populate request details on associated tasks.

How to populate request details on associated tasks.

This sample script is used to update request field values into tasks associated with request templates

The Request details are stored as a JSON Object in a file and its path is provided as input to the Script. This can be used in the application either under Request Custom Triggers , Request Custom Menu. The link here will provide more information on Request Custom Triggers.

Use Case: When a task is executed, the technician might have to know some details from the parent request. This script will allow you to specify the field names in the task template and it will be replaced with the respective values when the request is created.

Tasks should have requests / resources field names enclosed within '$' symbol to get replaced with the respective values.The following is a sample showing such a task. Refer tot he attached sample. 

Execution steps:
1. Download and copy the script file into the \Manageengine\ServiceDesk\integration\custom_scripts directory.
2. Edit the file and update the Servername, port number and the API key (API key can be generated under Personalize >> API Key)
3. Configure the script under the  Admin -> Custom Triggers . A sample custom trigger configuration is priovded below.

A short guide on setting up python is available here.

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