How to move the application to another server when you have a MSSQL Database ?

How to move the application to another server when you have a MSSQL Database ?

1. Since you have MSSQL database, take a .BAK backup from the existing SQL server and restore the data on to the new SQL server in the SQL Studio. 

Follow the regular steps of restoring Microsoft database.

2. On your new server,   Install   the 64 bit application(64bit.exe). Install only the build that you are currently using. Before that ensure you are using 64-bit server too.   

3. Once installed, Start  the application, login to double check if you have installed the right build from Help->About at the right top. 

Then, stop the application. 

4. Navigate to  Database configuration wizard  and configure the SQL credentials there. Ensure you map the right database name here and save.     

5. Once you get the success message, Start the application. 

6. Login to the application and check your data. 

7. Now copy the below folders from the old instance to the new instance. 

Fileattachments, inlineimages, custom, images   under   \ManageEngine\ServicedeskPlus MSP. 
8. License can be applied under Help->License once you login to the application. License file   adventnetLicense.xml   can be obtained from the OLD installation folder under \ManageEngine\ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\lib. 

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