How to monitor SSL Certificate of FTPS server?

How to monitor SSL Certificate of FTPS server?

Two modes to invoke client security in FTPS
  1. Explicit mode
  2. Implicit mode
Explicit mode (Default port 21) - This port shouldn't be used
  1. In Explicit mode, an FTPS client must "explicitly request" security from an FTPS server by sending an FTP command "START SSL or START TLS" and then step up to a mutually agreed encryption method. If a client does not request security with the above command, the FTPS server can either allow the client to continue in insecure mode or refuse the connection.
  2. From Applications Manager (i.e. FTPS client) we don't send such FTP command, hence the connection remains insecure and below error message is shown
    1. "Host does not support (SSL)secured connection"
Implicit mode (Default port 990) - This port should be used
  1.  In Implicit mode, an FTPS client can make direct SSL/TLS connection without any additional requests.
  2. Port 990 can be used for monitoring FTPS server's SSL Certificate.
Note: Only port configured for Implicit mode (default port 990) can be used for monitoring FTPS server's SSL Certificate

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