Slack Integration

Slack Integration

This is a sample python script that is used to post request details from ServiceDesk Plus into Slack.Slack is a cloud-based team collaboration tool that allows team members to communicate without the use of emails or group SMS.

Use Case:

Lets assume an IT manager wants to track high priority requests logged from VIP users in his organization. The IT manager goes through a painful process of configuring two different applications and manually sync data from both the applications to efficiently provide IT support for these users. This is time consuming and affects day-to-day chores. In order to overcome this painstaking activity, the IT manager uses this integration to notify self and the group whenever a VIP user logs a high priority request.  Custom triggers can be used to  invoke a python script that pushes the request details to their Slack channel and notifies all the members of the respective support group. 

A short guide on setting up python is available here.

Execution steps:

1.The script uses incoming webhooks to post the request details into Slack. The incoming webhook url and the channel name have to be updated in the script. You can also customize the text that is posted in the slack channel.

2.You can use this script in any version of ServiceDesk Plus above 9039.

3.To set this up, go to admin -> Custom triggers.

Attached below is a screenshot showing a sample implementation.

Refer the below video to configure Slack integration in ServiceDesk Plus.