HipChat Integration

HipChat Integration

This sample script is used to post instant alert s in a HipChat chatroom whenever a ticket is created in ServiceDesk Plus. HipChat is  a hosted group chat platform built for teams that collaborate through persistent chat rooms, file and screen shares. An API  call  is used to post the request details into HipChat.

The Request details are stored as a JSON Object in a file and its path is provided as input to the Script. This can be used in the application either under Request Custom Triggers , Request Custom Menu or Change Custom Triggers.The link here will provide more information on Request Custom Triggers.

Use Case:  When a  user from executive management raises a request citing issue with the wifi network, the IT manager can coordinate in real time with the technicians in the group through a chat room.This helps in formulating a plan that ensures speedy recover from the crisis. The message will have the Priority of the Request , the Time of Creation and the Requester's Name along with a link to the request in ServiceDesk Plus.

Execution Steps:
1. Copy the script file into the \Manageengine\ServiceDesk\integration directory.

2. Update the authorization token and the name of the respective chat room  in the script. Also, you can customize the text posted in the chat room.

3. Configure the script under  Admin  ->  Custom Triggers . Provide the path of the request json file as the input to the script.

Attached below is a screenshot showing a sample implementation below.


The reference Document for the Message API is available in the links given below.

If the action fails with a HipChat specific error code, please take a look at the link here.This will help you in changing the input parameters , in the script, to overcome the issue.

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