How to integrate ADManager Plus and Trinet Zenefits to simplify user life cycle management

How to integrate ADManager Plus and Trinet Zenefits to simplify user life cycle management


Trinet Zenefits is a cloud-based human resources platform that offers a comprehensive suite of tools to simplify and streamline various HR functions for businesses.The platform aims to centralize HR processes, allowing employers to manage employee data, benefits, and payroll in one integrated system. Integrating ADManager Plus with Tri net Zenefits will help organizations to automate and consolidate HR functions, to save time, reduce administrative burdens, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Here are some key highlights of this integration: 
  1. Enhanced reporting and auditing
Integrating ADManager Plus and  Trinet Zenefits will offer improved reporting capabilities, allowing to generate comprehensive reports on user activities, access rights, and compliance, which can be valuable for audits and security reviews.
  1. Time and cost savings
Automate user management processes through integration to save time for IT and HR staff, reducing manual efforts involved in maintaining user accounts, access permissions, and other related tasks. 

Actions supported

Integrating ADManager Plus with Trinet Zenefits enables IT admins to automate the following tasks:

  • Create user accounts

  • Add users to groups

  • Modify user attributes

  • Remove users from groups

  • Modify user accounts by template

  • Create mailbox

  • Reset passwords

  • Disable or delete mailbox

  • Unlock user accounts

  • Move Home Folder

  • Enable user accounts

  • Delete Home Folder

  • Disable user accounts

  • Revoke Microsoft 365 licenses

  • Delete user accounts

  • Manage users' photos

  • Run custom scripts

  • Disable Skype for Business accounts

  • Move users across groups

  • Configure auto reply settings

How to integrate ADManager Plus and Trinet Zenefits

  1. Log in to ADManager Plus.

  1. Navigate to the Automation tab and click Application Integrations.

  1. Under Enterprise applications, click Trinet Zenefits .

  1. In the Authorization section, paste the token generated in Trinet Zenefits in the Value field.

  1. Click Configure.

  1. In the API Endpoint Configuration section, replace Company_Id in the Endpoint URL field with the Company ID from Trinet Zenefits.

  1. Once done, click Test & Save. A response window will display all the requested elements. Click Proceed.

  1. Click Data Source - LDAP Attribute Mapping to map AD LDAP attributes with the respective attributes in Trinet Zenefits.

  1. Enter the Configuration Name and Description and select the Automation Category from the drop-down menu.

  1. In the Select Endpoint field, select a column with unique values for each user (employeeIdenifier, username, etc.)

  1. In the Attribute Mapping field, select the attribute from the LDAP Attribute Name drop-down menu and map it with the respective column in Trinet Zenefits.

  1. Click Save.


 Steps to generate a token in Trinet Zenefits 

  1. Log in to Trinet Zenefits platform.

  1. Navigate to the Company Profile, scroll down and select Custom Integrations.

  1. Click Add Token in REST API Access.

  1. Copy the generated token and paste it while configuring authorization for Trinet Zenefits in ADManager Plus.

 Steps to get the Company ID from Trinet Zenefits 

  1. Navigate to Postman (

  1. Query 

  1. Under Authorization, add the type as bearer and paste the token from Trinet Zenefits in the field.

  1. Copy the Company ID and paste it while configuring the endpoint for Trinet Zenefits in ADManager Plus.


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