How to integrate ADManager Plus with ServiceDesk Plus Cloud

How to integrate ADManager Plus with ServiceDesk Plus On-Premises

ServiceDesk Plus is an ITSM software solution developed by ManageEngine. It is designed to help organizations effectively manage and streamline their IT support and service desk operations. ServiceDesk Plus offers a range of features including incident management, change management, and asset management, all within a single integrated platform. Integrating ServiceDesk Plus with ADManager Plus enables IT teams to automate workflows, track and resolve issues efficiently, and maintain a comprehensive inventory of IT assets.

Streamlined IT workflows

Automation of IT processes, such as user access requests and changes, streamlines workflows between ADManager Plus and ServiceDesk Plus. It improves overall efficiency by reducing delays and potential errors associated with manual interventions.

Improved security and compliance

This integration helps in maintaining a secure IT environment by ensuring that user access aligns with HR policies and compliance requirements. It facilitates adherence to security standards and regulatory guidelines through consistent user management practices. 

Actions supported

Integrating ADManager Plus with ServiceDesk Plus enables IT admins to automate the following tasks:

  • Create user accounts

  • Add users to groups

  • Modify user attributes

  • Remove users from groups

  • Modify user accounts by template

  • Create mailbox

  • Reset passwords

  • Disable or delete mailbox

  • Unlock user accounts

  • Move Home Folder

  • Enable user accounts

  • Delete Home Folder

  • Disable user accounts

  • Revoke Microsoft 365 licenses

  • Delete user accounts

  • Manage users' photos

  • Run custom scripts

  • Disable Skype for Business accounts

  • Move users across groups

  • Configure auto reply settings

How to integrate ADManager Plus and ServiceDesk Plus

  1. Log in to ADManager Plus.

  1. Navigate to the Automation tab and click Application Integrations.

  1. Under Enterprise applications, click ServiceDesk Plus.

  1. In the Authorization section, paste the API key generated in ServiceDesk Plus in the Value field.

  1. Click Configure.

  1. In the API Endpoint Configuration section,

    • Replace <SDP_SERVER> with your ServiceDesk Plus instance.

    • Enter the headers as below:

      • Host : Enter your ServiceDesk Plus instance URL

      • authtoken: Token generated in the previous steps

  1. Once done, click Test & Save. A response window will display all the requested elements. Click Proceed.

  1. Click Data Source - LDAP Attribute Mapping to map AD LDAP attributes with the respective attributes in ServiceDesk Plus.

  1. Enter the Configuration Name and Description and select the Automation Category from the drop-down menu.

  1. In the Select Endpoint field, select a column with unique values for each user (employeeIdenifier, username, etc.).

  1. In the Attribute Mapping field, select the attribute from the LDAP Attribute Name drop-down menu and map it with the respective column in ServiceDesk Plus.

  1. Click Save.


 Steps to create URL encoded input params 

  1. Construct the JSON input with the below format.

{"list_info":{"row_count":"100","start_index":1,"fields_required":["udf_fields.udf_sline_901","udf_fields.udf_sline_301"],"search_criteria":[{"field":"last_updated_time","condition":"is","value":"$(LAST_24_HRS)"},{"field":"subject","condition":"like","value":"New employee joining the organization","logical_operator":"and"}],"sort_fields":[{"field":"subject","order":"asc"}]}}

  1. In the above JSON, replace value for fields_required (highlighted text) JSON array with the custom attributes created in the ServiceDesk Plus request template for user creation.

  1. Encode the input using an URL encoder and replace in the Endpoint URL instead of "<URL encoded input params>". You can use any online tool to URL encode the input_params like


 Steps to create Additional Fields in ServiceDesk Plus 

  1. Click Admin > Customization > Additional Fields.

  1. Select New Field, input the attribute name in the Label Name field, and then click Save.

  1. Follow step 2 for every AD attribute that needs to be included in the user creation process.

Steps to create onboarding request template using the Additional Fields in ServiceDesk Plus

  1. Click Admin > Templates and Forms > Incident Template.

  1. Select New Incident Template or Edit the existing onboarding template. On the right side, you will find the created fields listed under Drag & Drop Fields.

  1. Place the required fields in the template.

  1. Input the subject. For instance: New employee joining the organization (this subject will be utilized as a filter on the ADManager Plus HCM side).

  1. Click Save.


Raise request in ServiceDesk Plus 

Raise user onboarding request using the template created in the previous step.

Steps to generate authtoken

Please follow the steps mentioned in the attached link.$key


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