How to integrate ADManager Plus with Calamari

How to integrate ADManager Plus with Calamari


Calamari is a cloud-based human resources solution that helps organizations manage their workforce and achieve compliance with various regulations. The solution provides automated time tracking, compliance management, leave management, integration with HR software, and more to increase productivity and reduce operational costs. Integrating ADManager Plus with Calamari helps organizations streamline identity management and enhance workforce productivity.

Key highlights of integrating ADManager Plus with Calamari
  1. Reduced administrative workload: Eradication of data-entry inaccuracies, gaining full visibility into employee data, and streamline business processes. 
  2. Advanced reports: Gain insights into user activities, changes, and compliance using the reporting and auditing capabilities offered by ADManager Plus.

Actions supported

Upon integration, administrators can configure automations to carry out the desired tasks. These automations can be monitored and controlled by implementing multi-level business workflows, which ensure that they are reviewed and approved before execution. The following actions can be automated:

  • Create user accounts

  • Add users to groups

  • Modify user attributes

  • Remove users from groups

  • Modify user accounts by template

  • Create mailbox

  • Reset passwords

  • Disable or delete mailbox

  • Unlock user accounts

  • Move Home Folder

  • Enable user accounts

  • Delete Home Folder

  • Disable user accounts

  • Revoke Microsoft 365 licenses

  • Delete user accounts

  • Manage users' photos

  • Run custom scripts

  • Disable Lync accounts

  • Move users across groups

  • Configure auto reply settings


How to integrate ADManager Plus and Calamari

  1. Log in to ADManager Plus.

  1. Navigate to the Automation tab. Click Application Integrations under Configuration.

  1. Click Calamari. 

  1. In the Authorization section, Basic Authentication is selected by default as the Authorization Type.

  1. Enter the Username as calamari and obtain the token for the Password field from the steps listed in the Steps to obtain credentials in Calamari section below.

  1. Click Configure.

  1. In the API Endpoint Configuration section, replace the {YOUR-SUB-DOMAIN} with your instance.


  1. Once done, click Test & Save.

  1. A response window will display the response schema. Verify and click Proceed.

  1. Click Data Source - LDAP Attribute Mapping to map AD LDAP attributes with the respective attributes in Calamari.

  1. Enter the Configuration Name and Description and select the Automation Category from the drop-down menu.

  1. In the Select Endpoint field, select the primary key column that has unique values for each user (E.g. employeeIdenifier). 

Note: When multiple endpoints are configured, this attribute must hold the same value in all the endpoints. 

  1. In the Attribute Mapping field, select the attribute from the LDAP Attribute Name drop-down menu and map it with the respective column in Calamari.

  1. Click Save.

While configuring an automation in ADManager Plus, select Calamari as the Data Source to automate user management. Click here to learn more about configuring AD automation.


 Steps to obtain credentials in Calamari:  

  1. Log in to your Calamari instance and navigate to Configuration tab from the left panel.

  1. Scroll down and enable API (

  1. Click Configure and on the next page you can find the API key.

  1. Copy the generated API key and paste it while configuring authorization for Calamari in ADManager Plus.

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