How to install .pfx certificate manually in ServiceDesk Plus MSP version 10.5 and above

How to install .pfx certificate manually in ServiceDesk Plus MSP version 10.5 and above

The below steps are applicable for version 10.5 and above. For .pfx certificate installation in version 9427 and below, follow the steps here

NOTE: Please take a server snapshot before following the steps given below

A PKCS12 (.pfx) certificate stores the RSA keys and the SSL certificate in a single encrypted file.
Follow these steps to install the certificate manually:

1. Stop the application. 
2. Copy the PKCS12 (.pfx) file to ManageEngine\ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\conf\.
3. Switch the application to the secure mode by changing the webserver port to 443 by following the below steps 

3a. Stop the application 
3b. Open Command Prompt as Admin
3c. Go to ManageEngine\ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\bin
3d. Invoke command changeWebServerPort.bat [newportnumber] [Protocol http or https]

Refer below screenshot 

4. Go to  <installation directory>\conf\ and take a copy of server.xml  in a different location and open the server.xml file in a text editor present in <installation directory>\conf\.

  • Locate the Connector SSLEnabled="true" string, insert keystoreType="pkcs12" and replace the following attributes with values as shown:


conf/<your file name>.pfx

For versions earlier than 10.5, type your plain text password as is.

For versions 10.5 and later, paste the encrypted password.

The following screenshot displays the server.xml file after the required changes.

How to encrypt your password in ServiceDesk Plus MSP.

1. Open Command Prompt as Admin
2. Go to ManageEngine\ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\bin
3. For versions 10.5 and later, run:
encrypt.bat -a aes256 -v <your password>

The encrypted password will be displayed in the next line. 

5. Start the app

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