How to install ADManager Plus in AWS

How to install ADManager Plus in AWS

Steps to install ADManager Plus in Amazon Web Services EC2 instance:

  • Logon to your Amazon Web Services (AWS) account.
  • Select the configured EC2 instance and click the connect button.
  • Connect to your Windows instance using:
    • RDP client by downloading and running the remote desktop file provided.
    • The remote desktop connection from your machine using the user name and password. Steps to obtain the password:
      • Click the Get password button.
      • Upload the private key file obtained while installing the EC2 instance.
      • Click Decrypt Password button to obtain a usable password to connect to the remote desktop.
Once the remote desktop connection is established, download and install ADManager Plus. Steps to install ADManager Plus can be found here.

Error connecting to the EC2 instance:

Case 1: Verify that there is a rule that allows traffic from your computer to port 3389 (RDP).

Case 2: If the security group configured during the EC2 installation has a rule that allows inbound traffic from a single IP address, this address may not be static if your computer is on a corporate network or if you are connecting through an internet service provider (ISP). Instead, specify the range of IP addresses used by client computers. If your security group does not have a rule that allows inbound traffic, add a rule to your security group. For detailed troubleshooting tips, please click here.

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