Adjust the Height and Width of a multi line additional field

Adjust the Height and Width of a multi line additional field

Use Case:  

Multiline additional field sizes cannot be modified directly in the UI.  These can be modified using Field and Form Rules.

Execution Steps: 

1.  Create a new 'Multi-Line' additional field and copy the "column name" of the additional field created from the additional field listview.
2. Column name can be identified by going to Reports>New Query Report>Running the below query 

select columnname from columnaliases where aliasname like '%test%'


Replace test with the field name. 

2.  Go to Admin > Incident Templates > Select a particular template > Include this additional field in the template > Field and Form Rules > Rule execution - On Create / Edit > Event - "On Form Load"  > Actions - Execute Script - Copy Paste the below code snippet and save the script.

var x="UDF_CHAR2";
var height=10;
var width="width:150%!important";

3.  Replace "UDF_CHAR2" with the copied "column name" of the additional field. 

4.  The request additional field will size will be modified in the new request creation form.

Field And Form Rule: 

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