How to import requests data into ServiceDesk Plus MSP ?

How to import requests data into ServiceDesk Plus MSP ?

You can import your existing helpdesk Requests (tickets) into ServiceDesk Plus MSP (SDP MSP) using XLS format.

Requests can be migrated to SDP MSP with basic details.

Assets data can be scanned again through SDP MSP windows domain scan or using Import Assets through CSV.

Steps to migrate the Requests data :

1. Login to SDP MSP as administrator.

2. Please Navigate to the Requests tab and select Actions->Import Requests , Map the appropriate fields and import your tickets.

The application has the Ability to import requests from XLS file and dynamically create respective configurations. While importing , following configurations will be automatically imported and those will be mapped with the request..

Status,Priority,Level,Mode,Urgency,Impact,Request Type,Category,Subcategory,Item,Subject,requester details,site,description,Resolution


1. Our application will import the requests only if the specified date format is present in the XLS file i.e. Excel date format, import date format should all be the same.

2. While using CSV converted from Excel, the Laptop date format (in which it is trying to be imported), Excel date format, Import date format (during field mapping) should all be the same. 
3. Import of requests in Servicedesk Plus MSP will allow you to import only the request details and DOES NOT IMPORT the SLA related information, Conversations, Approvals, Worklogs and Notes.

4. As requests are getting imported now only , SLA will be freshly applied again based on the criteria. Hence Disable SLA escalations and Outgoing mail server settings during import.

5. Created date and completed dates will be as same as imported time interval and it wont refer to XLS dates.

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