How to get an IP Address for Hyper-V Linux VM in APM?

How to get an IP Address for Hyper-V Linux VM in APM?

Hyper-V Integration Service:
  1. Hyper-V Integration Services enhance virtual machine performance and provide convenience features by leveraging two-way communication with the Hyper-V host.

How to Install the Linux Integration Service in Hyper-V Linux VM:
  1. IP Address for Hyper-V Linux VM will be retrieved by APM if linux-azure package has been installed on that Linux VM.
  2. For Example, In Ubuntu the following command should be executed to enable two-way communication with the Hyper-V host "apt-get install linux-azure".

Turn an Integration Service on or off using Hyper-V Manager:
  1. From the center pane, right-click the virtual machine and click Settings.
  2. From the left pane of the Settings window, under Management, click Integration Services.
  3. The Integration Services pane lists all integration services available on the Hyper-V host, and whether the host has enabled the virtual machine to use them.

    The Hyper-V Integration Services can be controlled by the virtual machine properties

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