How to get SAML tracer output for a SAML based login-attempt?

How to get SAML tracer output for a SAML based login-attempt?

You can use your favourite SAML tracer browser plugin. Here we used SAML-tracer in a chromium-based browser.

To provide us with SAML tracer output of SAML login attempt, please follow the steps below.

1. Go to SupportCenter Plus login screen and click on SAML Tracer Extension to open up the SAML Tracer window.

2. Now click on login with SAML Single Sign-On and login to your IDP.

3. When it's redirected back to SupportCenter Plus, click on the already opened SAML Tracer window. It should have recorded the SAML requests and responses.

4. Click on export in the SAML Tracer window. 

5. Select "Mask Values" and click on Export

6. Send us the downloaded JSON file for analysis.

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