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How to get SAML tracer output for a SAML based login-attempt?

You can use your favourite SAML tracer browser plugin. Here we used SAML-tracer in a chromium-based browser.

To record the SAML tracer output:

  1. Go to ServiceDesk Plus's login screen
  2. Click on SAML Tracer Extension to open up the SAML Tracer window.
  3. Now click on login with SAML Single Sign-On and login to your IDP.
  4. When it's redirected back to SDP, click on the already opened SAML Tracer window. It should have recorded the SAML requests and responses.

To send us the recording:

  1. Click on export in the SAML Tracer window.
  2. Select "Mask Values" and click on Export
  3. Send us the downloaded JSON file for analysis.

To check the NameID Format and NameID Attribute

  1. Click on the URL that ends with /SamlResponseServlet.
  2. Now open the SAML tab in the bottom bar
  3. Press ctrl+f to open search bar
  4. Type in nameid
  5. In the <NameID Format> tag, we can clearly see the format and it will have the NameID attribute too inside it ( in the below example) 
<NameID Format="urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format:emailAddress"></NameID>

Sample Image:

To check the additional attributes:

  1. Search for "attribute" and the list of attributes can be seen.
  2. The Attribute's Name should be given in SDP 
  3. The AttributeValue can be used to check if the expected value is returned.

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