How to generate the support file

How to generate the support file

Logs are required to analyze and find the root cause of an issue. In ServiceDesk Plus, logs can be generated by technicians who have admin access.

Logs can be generated from two locations,

1. Community (headset icon) tab > Troubleshoot > Support file. (In case of builds prior to 10500, you will find this tab named as Support.)
2. Quick Actions > Support > Support file.

There is also an option to view logs from web client in case you want to check the traces. This option to view logs is also available under Community (headset icon) tab > Troubleshoot > View Logs.

Also, make sure you generate the support file after recreating the issue so that relevant traces are captured in the logs.

In certain cases, the entire logs folder present in the directory ../ManageEngine/ServiceDesk will be needed to analyze the issue. In such a scenario, zip the logs folder and upload it on our FTP server.

NOTE: If you are using older builds (prior to 10500), the logs folder can be located from ../ManageEngine/ServiceDesk/server/default. 

To upload the file: Go to

Select ServiceDesk Plus in the product drop-down list.

Provide your email address in Your Email Address: field.

Specify the Request Id and choose the file that you wish to upload and click Upload.

Once uploaded, send the link to download the logs to

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