How to generate support information file (SIF) from Applications Manager GUI?

How to generate support information file (SIF) from Applications Manager GUI?

Prior to proceeding, please ensure that Applications Manager is operational and that the web GUI is accessible. If this is not the case, please refer to this knowledge base article for generating a Support Information File using the command prompt of the Applications Manager server.

To access the Support page, follow these steps: 
  1. For Standalone Applications Manager - Follow any one of the steps:
    1. From the Applications Manager's web GUI --> please select the Settings tab -> select Support link under Tools section 
    2. Click on the Support icon   situated near the search box in the top right corner. 
  2. For APM Plugin - From OpManager's web GUI, navigate to the Applications tab and click on the Support option.
In the Support page --> under Support Information section --> select Create SIF

Once you have provided the necessary details, the generation of the support file will begin in the background. Information regarding the support file will then be displayed as follows:

To access and manage both created and existing support files, please select the 'Manage Existing SIF' option. By using this option, you can view and upload support files that were created in the past, as shown below:

Additionally, you also have the option to select multiple support information files and upload them to our upload site. The prompt for uploading multiple files will appear as follows:

  1. Upon successful upload of the log files, you will receive an automated acknowledgement email from
  2. The creation of a support file from the GUI is supported for log folders up to 2 GB. If the file size exceeds 2 GB, please refer to this knowledge base article.
  3. If internet access is unavailable from the Applications Manager server, you can manually upload the Support Information file to the ManageEngine Upload site.  All the support information file will be in the <Applications Manager Home>/working/support directory, with a timestamp appended to its file name. Copy the necessary file to a machine with internet access and utilize the provided links to upload it. Remember to include the issue and Ticket ID before proceeding with the file upload.
    Existing customers:
    Evaluation users:
  4. Once you have uploaded the file, contact  (for existing customers) or (for trial users) with the name of the file.

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