How to forward a request from one Servicedesk Plus instance to another.

How to forward a request from one Servicedesk Plus instance to another.

This is a Sample Python Script which can be used to get Data from a Existing Request in a ServiceDesk Plus instance and create a New Request in a parallel ServiceDesk Plus installation. 

This script can be configured under Request Custom Menu if the Forwarding has to be handled manually by the Helpdesk Technician or as a Request Custom Trigger if the script has to automated when the Parent Request is Created or Updated.

We provide the Request Details in Json Format as input to the script and that is processed to to create the structure of the New Request in the parallel ServiceDesk Plus instance.This is achieved using the API call for creating a new Request.The link below has detailed documentation on all operations that can be performed in the Request Module using APIs.

Use Case: There are scenarios where two servicedesk plus instances are used in an organization for different departments and requests created in one instance must be duplicated in another.This script will help fulfill this requirement.

Execution steps:
1. Download and copy the script file into the \Manageengine\ServiceDesk\integration\custom_scripts directory.
2. Update the protocol , servername and portnumber used to access ServiceDesk and the technician api key in the script file. 
3. Configure the script under the  Admin  ->  Custom Trigger

A short guide on setting up python is available here.

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