How to export software data in CSV format?

How to export software data in CSV format?

Steps to export Software data in CSV format

1. Login to ServiceDesk Plus/AssetExplorer.
2. Click on the Reports tab and then click on New Query Report button.
3. Copy and paste the following query and click Run Report.

select "Scanned Manufacturer",
sl.softwarename "Scanned Software",
si.fileversion "Scanned Version",
st.softwaretype "Scanned Software Type",
sc.softwarecategory "Scanned Software Category" FROM softwarelist sl left join softwareinfo si on si.softwareid=sl.softwareid left join softwaremanufacturer swm on swm.swmanufacturerid=sl.swmanufacturerid left join softwaretype st on st.softwaretypeid=sl.softwaretypeid left join softwarecategory sc on sc.softwarecategoryid=sl.softwarecategoryid 
GROUP BY si.softwareid,sl.softwarename,si.fileversion,,st.softwaretype,sc.softwarecategory

4. Click on the export as CSV file link at the right top corner(as shown below)

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