How to enable Partial Enrollment for Active Directory users in ADSelfService Plus

How to enable Partial Enrollment for Active Directory users in ADSelfService Plus

Active Directory domain users need to complete enrollment with ADSelfService Plus before they can use the below listed features:
  1. Self-service password reset
  2. Self-service account unlock
  3. Endpoint multi-factor authentication
  4. ADSelfService Plus' logon multi-factor authentication
Only after enrollment, the product can verify users' identities using any or all of the enforced authentication techniques.

Enrollment status of users in ADSelfService Plus

If all the below conditions are satisfied, users are considered Enrolled, else, they are Partially Enrolled.

Condition 1: The user should have enrolled for all the mandatory authenticators.

Condition 2: The user should have enrolled for the required number of authenticators for enabling the password reset and account unlock features.

Condition 3: If Security Question and Answer is configured as the authenticator, the user should have enrolled by answering the required number of questions as well as all the mandatory questions.

Only the users who have satisfied all the above three conditions are deemed enrolled, and can perform self-service password reset and account unlock. For the partially enrolled users (say, users have enrolled for 2 out of 4 authentication methods), ADSelfService Plus allows them to initiate the self-service password reset/account unlock action and complete the enrollment during the identity verification stage.

How to enable partially enrolled users to perform password self-service

  1. Go to Configuration Self-Service Multi-factor Authentication.
  2. Click Advanced.
      3. In the Reset/Unlock tab, unselect the Deny users from performing password reset/account unlock when partially enrolled option.
      4. Click Save.
Important: Users cannot enroll for ADSelfService Plus mobile app-based authenticators during the identity verification stage.

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