How to perform 'Silent Installation' of Applications Manager in Linux?

How to perform 'Silent Installation' of Applications Manager in Linux?

For silent installation, execute the installer (.bin) file using the below command in Linux:

(.bin ) file>  -silent  -options ismp_silent.txt

Example: .../AppManager15$ ./ManageEngine_ApplicationsManager_64bit.bin -silent -options ismp_silent.txt

The options that you normally enter during the installation are stored in a text (reference) file which is provided in the -options flag. Check the attached sample reference files:
  1. Admin server            -        ismp_silent_adm.txt
  2. Managed server       -        ismp_silent_man.txt
  3. Professional Edition  -       ismp_silent_pro.txt
Otherwise, use the reference template file attached and modify it as per your installation requirements:
  1. General Template file -  ismp_silent.txt
Note: By default, Applications Manager does not store installation logs. To enable installation logs, perform the below methods:
  1. Create a file named <APMBinFileName>.sp (Eg., ManageEngineApplicationsManager.sp) in the location where the bin folder of Application Manager is downloaded.
  2. Inside the create file, include the key "is.debug=1" and save it.
  3. Then start the installation using the below command along with the options that are given in the solution: 
                  ./bin -is:log log.txt

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