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How to deploy EventLog Analyzer as a service?

EventLog Analyzer as a service can be deployed in two ways:  
  1. Via the command prompt:
    1. Establish a remote connection with the server where EventLog Analyzer is installed.
    2. Open the command prompt with Admin privileges.
    3. Navigate to C:\ManageEngine\EventLog Analyzer\bin folder.  
    4. Execute the following commands sequentially to ensure that the instance is not running:
      1. shutdown.bat
      2. stopDB.bat
      3. stopSEC.bat
    5. Execute the following command to install EventLog Analyzer as a service.
      1. service.bat -i
    6. Go to services.msc and start the ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer service by executing the service.bat -t command.
Note: These are the commands related to ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer service:
  1. Install the service: service.bat -i
  2. Start the service: service.bat -t
  3. Stop the service: service.bat -p
  4. ​Restart the service: service.bat -r
II. Via the EventLog Analyzer UI:
  1. Login to the EventLog Analyzer web console as an Admin.
  2. Go to the Settings tab ⇾ System Settings ⇾ NT Service ⇾ Install as a Service.
  3. Enter the service logon account details in the prompt to complete the action. You can provide the credentials of domain admin or the account dedicated for log collection.
We have provided a step-by-step guide to set up EventLog Analyzer for smooth log management. Refer to the install/uninstall and the start/shutdown guides and get started. 
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