How to customize requester home page

How to customize requester home page

Use case
In the requester home page, each box should be a button and when clicked anywhere on the box they should be redirected to the respective Subcategories to select the Incident or Service Template or the Solutions.

The first box should be with text - "I am facing an IT issue"
The second one with "I need a new service such as hardware, software"
The third one with "I am looking for a new technology solution"


Step 1: Login as administrator to ServiceDesk Plus.
Step 2: Click on the button Customize Self-Service Portal from Admin tab -> General Settings ->  Self-Service Portal Settings.
Step 3: Edit the Theme currently chosen by the customer at the right top corner. This will open the HTML editor with Preview option. 

Step 4: In the following screenshots, we used three colours to indicate the different operations you have to perform. 

Green/Add: The text highlighted in the color green indicates that the anchor tag needs to be added to the existing html content. 

Yellow/Modify : The text highlighted in the color yellow indicates that the custom text requested by the customer need to be replaced with the default one.

Red/Remove: The section highlighted in the color red indicates that these buttons need to be removed. 

Refer to the screenshot as follows.  I have also attached a customised HTML file in this email for your reference. 

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