Create service requests through email using Business Rule

How to create service requests through email using Business Rule

Note:  Template can be modified directly using BR from build 11.3

This post describes the use of a python script to create a service request through email based on keywords in the subject. When a request is created with specific keywords in the subject of a incoming mail , the Business Rule will be invoked. The keywords and the matching service template name will be provided in the script. The script will create a service request with the information from the incident request.

UseCase: Over 70 % of service requests are raised through Emails and all of them are logged in as incidents then those are converted manually into service requests. This script will create service requests if the subject line contains the configured text. When the configured text is found, service request will be created using the configured template.

Execution steps:
1. Download and copy the script file into the \Manageengine\ServiceDesk\integration\custom_scripts directory.

2. Update the technician key and the url in configuration.json file. 

3. Configure the script under Admin->Business Rules , like shown below.

A short guide on setting up python is available here.

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