Connect to Analytics Plus database

How to connect to Analytics Plus database

This article will help you with the steps to connect to Analytics Plus database(Postgres)

Note: Analytics Plus is bundled with Postgres and it cannot be changed to any other database due to reliability and chart rendering.

Steps for Windows:

1. Open command prompt and execute the below command

<AnalyticsPlus home>\pgsql\bin>psql.exe -U postgres -p <port number> -h


C:\ManageEngine\AnalyticsPlus\pgsql\bin>psql.exe -U postgres -p 33366 -h

Note: The default port number is 33366

2. Enter the password

Note: You can find the password for the database in the following location <Analytics Plus home>\conf\database_params.conf


3. Now, connect to  zreportsdbbyexecutingthefollowing command \c zreportsdb


Steps for Linux:

1. In the terminal, execute the following command

<Analytics Plus home>./psql -U postgres -p 33366

2. You will be prompted to enter the password. Please find the password under <Analytics Plus home>\conf\database_params.conf

3. Now type \c zreportsdb to connect to the database

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